what's good for neurogenesis? Like if I needed to grow a bunch of nerves real quick

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How do you organize your apps on your phone? Do you use the home screen? Do you group them by function, in folders, in pages? Do you use widgets? I'm fascinated by this intimate secret relationship everyone has with the icons that open apps

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whoa! i was about to set up a bunch of folders or whatever, because the app drawer is too confusing with all the different icons. BUT i found "always use keyboard" setting and now i can access in-app intentions!?! https://t.co/JyeAcPunwJ

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the qualia are coming from inside the house

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anybody using prediction markets on blockchain? what's the best platform

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all the zillionaires who think i'm just a random weirdo in their replies are going to meet me in person someday and be mildly surprised

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why does my phone suddenly contain pictures of Stewart Brand going back 40 years?? https://t.co/5UcIPheVS4

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I haven't spoken about this much publicly, but I've spent the last few years undergoing anti-talebification. I now no longer feel compelled to cast those who disagree with me as intellectual inferiors.

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I mean, I am a random weirdo. but I'm also one of history's greatest strategic thinkers And they're all going to regret not picking me up straight out of the replies

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The commodification of desire is crazy. they're like several YouTube influencers whose entire brand is just having a beard and teaching you how to have a beard. they show you how to trim your beard, talk about different types of beards, they are sponsored by beard products... 🀨

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damn πŸ₯Ί How many parts of your ass are supposed to hurt from deadlifts

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I should start a YouTube channel where I do video diaries but deepfake myself to look like Heath ledger

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by having a beard, I put myself at risk of having a bad looking beard. by having beard teachers available on the internet, I can have a beard that looks okay. at less cost to both me and society https://t.co/jDsqlAgTk5

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my posterior chain has got its ass kicked

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the sexual tension between Matt Levine's sanity and Elon Musk's meme game https://t.co/oE4TbQogzx

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Harry Potter and the Methods of Scaring the Hoes

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Marvel should make this version of Moon Knight canon and scrap the other one https://t.co/gsQh3r6Ysp

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boolean logic over natural language prompts? https://t.co/hsERzFSZT6

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What about a Mesaverse and it's just for the normies

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pronouncing "Spiderman" like "Huberman"

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pro tip: it's not "spending all day reading blogs on the internet". it's research

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I've been fascinated with DAOs since 2016 when i saw the potential of Ξ. DAOs are the platform cooperative model that people have been looking for since Occupy. but things were stagnant for a long time after The DAO hack. now i see things picking up. i want to get involved

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send DAO theory

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the technology brethren have a unique advantage in their fast-growth starter model: the employees get shares. a startup that IPOs creates a social milieu of high-agency millionaires, with high-trust relationships. (well, sometimes low-trust). most people don't have this opp

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startups, by their nature, build squad wealth. gamer guilds could do this too, but they can't spend their leaderboard scores on rent. DAOs posit, what if they could

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Android is basically the trash can for Twitter features

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I'm not sure I'm persuaded that this could be accomplished with just web2 and regular corporate law. but, squad wealth has to start somewhere. i know that a lot of my mutuals are trying to build a *better internet*... what if we made a DAO to do it? we could prototype in DMs

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like this tweet to be added to the better internet DAO. this tweet is official communication of the better internet DAO. π˜›π˜π˜π˜š 𝘎𝘊 𝘐𝘚 𝘈 π˜‹π˜ˆπ˜– π˜›π˜π˜π˜š 𝘎𝘊 𝘐𝘚 𝘈 π˜‹π˜ˆπ˜– π™π™ƒπ™„π™Ž π™‚π˜Ύ π™„π™Ž 𝘼 π˜Ώπ˜Όπ™Š π˜›π˜π˜π˜š 𝘎𝘊 𝘐𝘚 𝘈 π˜‹π˜ˆπ˜– π˜›π˜π˜π˜š 𝘎𝘊 𝘐𝘚 𝘈 π˜‹π˜ˆπ˜– πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’»

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tfw πŸ₯Ί when u realize real eyes realize real lies

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Twitter users are now actively summoning bots as a hex this bodes well https://t.co/HWC7WFvzM7

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link to the secret words, protected by QT circle https://t.co/QCu8MZUrLv

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the function of the better internet DAO is officially to make the internet better. how does it do that? well, to start, i drop all the links i've been reading in the chat. join the gc that is a DAO today

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so many of us are working on tools for thought, or personal search, or social space. yet the underlying knowledge doesn't port from one app to another. we have no way to address content directly. visa was just on this earlier today https://t.co/hX9NwMhNcG

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maybe if we had a DAO of people makeing better internet, we could interoperate better? build prototypes and fund each other to connect them? use the same ledger or database so your data is always with you? is this like the vision

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It’s coming. The Holy war is spreading across the universe like an unquenchable fire

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great elevator https://t.co/JyTl3VRRG8

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we need like a cartoon version of meditations on Moloch that you can show to children

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Sorry I didn't do the dishes babe, roon cult and the cozies were having a war on the timeline

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arguing with people is like a triple waste of time because neither of you probably believe the things you think you believe, because of hidden reasons that you can't allow yourself to know about, Plus you can't understand each other because of limited context anyway. have fun tho

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the people that cast the biggest glamour get the most butthurt when you see through it

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honestly? it wasn't that sad. like maybe the frowning of lot 49, tops

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if i called you a cult leader, I'm sorry. i was trying to help

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