If you didn't hold non-majority opinions you wouldn't have anything to fear from democracy πŸ’…

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what's the most psychoactive tweet you've ever seen? This one is like nitrous oxide to me https://t.co/luFcQznAu6

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*visibly sweating* so did u get have any good tweets yet?

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πΌπ‘›π‘‘π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘›π‘’π‘‘ 𝑂𝑒𝑑 πΏπ‘œπ‘’π‘‘ listening party will begin in 3 hours ⌚

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these bottles are a great deal. they have some weird liquid in them at first, but once you get rid of that they're very sturdy bottles. i like to keep a couple in the freezer and throw them in the cooler instead of a bag of ice. They don't leak either https://t.co/ruj8kom2zH

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assemble https://t.co/0ZnpQ4rMQ6

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Starting a fund, Woke Capital LLC

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no words are etymologically pure. all the original words were destroyed in the nam-shub incident. the closest thing we have are the barewords, and those are as rare as suitcase nukes. And about as dangerous

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