scrolling the Twitter feed first thing in the morning, replying to every post with the phrase "base rate"

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something else

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programming talks thread

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if you accidentally summoned "something" in, say, 2016... how would you feel about it now?

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this one actually made me understand some axioms at a very high level. appreciated. bought the book https://t.co/BRyPFgaqg8

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Hammock Driven Development is excellent. programs are made of thought and the computer is full of distractions. spend more time thinking and less time working https://t.co/Q5rxSHovF5

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the Language of Programming -- who is meant to read all this code? not computers. humans also where i learned that no one knows how to pronounce code out loud https://t.co/ZG1yNmofUT

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this is like a magic show or a comedy special but with code. incredible speaking skill as well as some really dismal code https://t.co/TgTRyi9FgQ

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explanation of the precepts behind functional programming. really insightful and kind of funny, too bad the room is dead af. terrible crowd, good info https://t.co/XBVxPlNPZM

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very important: "engineering" is when you do science on your own field. what scientific results do we have about the production of software? https://t.co/iMDv6VMfih

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A friend is someone who you have escaped death with. All others are merely acquaintance

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yeah I wear designer clothing "george"

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I think I'm over complimented. Can you all roast me

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turns out, no. You can't

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People hate it when you have a bottomless supply of comebacks. It reveals their lack of imagination rather quickly

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there should be a service that returns things you bought on the internet for you. Take a cut of my refund, I don't care, just let me use your executive function for a second

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okay, bungoman got hands https://t.co/Wq4dB0XwRo

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Y'all think I'm looking for attention but actually I have attention surplus disorder. I have to pay attention to something all the time, so i stay tweeting

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Clojure is a dialect of Lisp, and shares with Lisp the code-as-data philosophy and a powerful macro system. Clojure is predominantly a functional programming language, and features a rich set of immutable, persistent data structures https://t.co/Wqwl3UiDH6

image from twitter

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That's more like it https://t.co/kxAJlh5CbU

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anybody seen any interesting works on memetics lately

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anybody seen any interesting works on memetics lately

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undergrads out of my mentions now please

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Twitter, as a platform, makes it very easy to signal agreement but hard to signal disagreement. To agree, simply click โค๏ธ To disagree, press ๐Ÿ—จ๏ธ and send a brief description of your problem. An operator will be with you shortly

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I've got what I actually wanted, which was for people smarter than me to argue about programming paradigms And send me notifications

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How I Got Scabies Three Times (as an ex-Google tech lead)

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bracketing all statements with 'lol' on both sides because I don't really understand which ones will be offensive

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I watch this one and very much liked it. he points out how functional and object oriented are just windows onto the same principles the procedural programming has always followed. And the idea of paradigms is supposed to be informative, not restrictive https://t.co/HwoQRkuniM

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possible that working programmers have Stockholm syndrome for their preferred language environment

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You should never meet your favorite bloggers. Odds are they look like a total dweeb irl

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People underestimate the rapid progress in science and technology. it's gotten so big that no one person can understand even a fraction of it in depth. and it never stops. 24/7 there is research and development going on somewhere

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tag yourself. I'm the guy rolling a j https://t.co/TypfpS5n50

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what's the coolest IDE you've used? Just watched a thing about Smalltalk/Pharo And got jazzed on glamorous toolkit again. seems like there should be way more capability to visualize code than there currently is

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A funny thing about Colab notebooks is that they're ostensibly designed for literate programming, but in reality tend towards either messy blobs of code or simplified GUIs built out of forms. it's like the early days of film. nobody knows how to use this medium fully

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everybody gangster when they're behind the wheel

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gf Who leaves unlabeled jars of mystery liquids in the fridge

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*taking a long drag of a suspicious looking cigarette* ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

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I have a terrible number of thoughts on the subject. but I will try to restrict myself to possibly novel or useful ones https://t.co/tI5G2lsFia

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first problem: situating the Colab notebook in a workflow. it's easy to get coding. Not as easy to import packages and environments. Even harder to generate production code. So it's like the Danger Room for most people. a playground, not the real thing https://t.co/BfFNiYIXg1

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message to all my dudes, guys, fellas: You can use emojis too ๐Ÿค™

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problem 2: situating yourself inside the notebook. it's hard to keep track of state, and as soon as you start running cells out of order it's easy to get in trouble. some kind of introspection tools would be great here. (also predictable time limits ๐Ÿฅบ) https://t.co/XZAPEzQBMU

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Colab is like a pantomime of literary programming. It has the part where you mix text and code, but we sort of already had that. it's comments. what it doesn't have is the tangle / weave protocols

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in Knuth's original vision for LP, Your source is text and code mixed together. And from that you "tangle" code files and "weave" documentation. The reason you can run cells out of order is supposed to be so that you can tell a Story about your code. Programs are literature

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I am pretty impressed with nbdev. I used it to build a library and even with my amateur knowledge It was pretty straightforward. it's still pretty rough but I can sense that it is gaining momentum. It allows you to tangle and weave from a folder of NBs https://t.co/KgpnpSmPzc

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but Colab doesn't merge well with this process. G expects you to stay caged in their pseudo-file system and access your VM through a limited set of magic commands. I have heard no rumors of Google implementing tangle/weave, although I'm open to hearing some

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because of Google's file sharing/copying protocols, it's easier to share the notebook itself than a finished library or script. And because of Google's built-in version control, there's not a culture of forking and merging. Just infinite forks, or invisible in-place edits

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So right now there's like a zine culture around these notebooks. there's a low threshold for entry. like zines, there's also a hard limit to how well they can communicate over multiple minds through time https://t.co/HfkrMlgjKm

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but they're so vital! as in filled with life force. as in, they have the Juice. A whole new era of art has just begun โ€”and you can be a part of it! If you can stumble through this confusing interface full of inexplicable code https://t.co/f9dyhawfAF

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but there's still a coordination problem. An all-fork society continually fragments and mutates, but best practices are not merged back into the trunk. there is no sacred timeline. This is what things like version control, package management, even file folders are *meant for*

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we need an entire workflow, that starts with somebody sharing their code, through to your development of that code, and the option to merge it upstream. with explorability and introspection at all stages. until then we are in the silent film era

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with that attitude ๐Ÿ˜‡ https://t.co/S6S6xFIUQN

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this is It

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if i would have just posted the meme it would have got hundred of likes

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it's funny to me that people think I'm a curmudgeon or an attention-seeking contrarian. in real life I'm incredibly happy and filled with purpose. i just come here to share things that you're not supposed to say in polite society

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like i already have a place to be fake nice to people lol it's called work

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