WE HAVE A WINNER https://t.co/s9dBwRvv4F

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This has been a lesson in reasoning from first principles, not in vibes. πŸ˜‡ I love you all https://t.co/jDvEeVtcfs

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postmortem: I decided early on that I didn't want to have to personally analyze the vibe of various good users, so I would use some empirical measurement that I could simply place on a grid. and everybody has a pair of coordinates on their profile: Followeing Followers

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I thought this was just going to be a funny joke but everyone was so fiending for more personal identification after the last mystery political compass. by the time I did grocery shopping And got off work there were too many to place individually.

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So, instead of going to bed with my hot gf, I stayed up late using twint to scrape all the repliers to that tweet, get their follower and following numbers, and plot that on a graph. I already had a function for plotting images, from circles project https://t.co/W6DMfgsGDn

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oh and if you were wondering, both the x and y axis are plotted on log scale. otherwise everyone would be in one tight blob in the corner with a few obvious outliers. the minimum and maximum of the graph are set within possible coordinates. That's why you have people on the edge

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I had to hand edit the image to throw in the political compass background of course. matplotlib doesn't have that feature

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image from twitter

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The only things you can learn in school are things that somebody has already learned. outside, you can learn things that no one even knew were learnable

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girlfriend is eating pickles for breakfast what does it mean

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1) arable land is expensive, farming requires a lot of land, growing all your own food is basically impossible unless you want to spend literally all your time doing it. we grew a lot of fresh veg but got our staples with food stamps or cash

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I spent three years living at an anarchist to find out if people could live without oppressive social structures. here are some things I learned

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2) hierarchies and in-group/outgroup dynamics are probably hardwired in humans. if you attempt to suppress them, they will become invisible, and then you can't even talk about them. This is well covered terrain, "tyranny of structurelessness material", but it hurts to see it irl

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oops, first message should read "at an anarchist commune"* but too late now anyway it was a semi-restored ghost town in the middle of the national forest, 13 miles of dirt and 60 miles of 1lane highway to a gas station i've written about it before here https://t.co/K34IutWfLd

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3) energy is expensive. when i arrived there was just a DIY Pelton wheel, which is a micro-hydro generator built with a car alternator me and friends installed some solar panels (we peer-pressured a visitor from NYC to buy them for us) and then there's wood

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we're in the forest, so there's tons of wood available. the main stove was a huge wood burner and the hot water for the main house was heated by running it through pipes in the main stove. small stoves in every cabin. we burned wood all year, whether it was 8Β°F or 108Β°

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but to get all that wood required a bunch of hippies to get in the pickup, drive up the mountain, fell trees with chainsaw, buck and throw the wood and come back and chop it all to size. so you need a bunch of gasoline and food to get wood. "hippie power" is food-based energy

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and to get all that food, without much arable land, requires you to go to town. and it takes gasoline to go to town, and to get back. so you're always going to town. we would regularly spend 6+ hours in the car and 8+ hours doing errands in a town 100 miles away. sustainable?

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some people would argue that this was all immoral and that we should eat only what we grew on the land and cut all the wood with a crosscut saw (the old-timey one that has a person on either end), aka the "misery whip" but then, where do you get the food to give you energy?

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you can't, of course. anyone can do the math on this, but most people won't. especially the primitivists. they prefer their narrative over reality. they eat the food that other people get from town. i don't know how they get over this cognitive dissonance, but they're good at it

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(how do primitivists change a lightbulb? they don't. they just light the room with their laptop screens)

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it takes roughly 10 acres of farmland to support a single person for a year, including grains and animals and everything. maybe you can get that down a little with permaculture technique and wildcrafting. we had one and a half acres of meadow

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if you're using a lot of wood, say if it's a really snowy year or if you have a lot of people wanting to use the one shower (it's in front of the kitchen window, and there's no curtain, but you can handle that right, you're cool right?)... maybe double the number of calories

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so energy is expensive, it's hard to get it reliably, you have to get it from town, and it takes energy to get to town. hmm.... unwise

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4) a network of permanent autonomous zones is a hard thing to protect the temporary autonomous zone -- like Rainbow Gathering, or Burning Man, or OWS -- appears and disappears, shifts and transforms in location and composition over time. a permanent zone is a sitting duck

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a real "permanent autonomous zone" is like the Zapatista municipalities in Chiapas, or the Kurds in Rojava. you want autonomy? simple. defend yourself against every sovereign power that claims power over you. how you gonna do that at the peacenik commune? u have like one gun

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now you're going to have a network of them? you're going to travel through the entire American West to go to the peanut butter commune to trade for goat milk? or are you going to build relations in nearby cities? what do you have that they would want

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but... 5) utopias are good actually

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there are so many ghost towns in America. there will be so many more, soon. it is good for small groups of people to come together and try different things. and i think i learned more in my 20s than people who went to college πŸ€”

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groups of young people should take over old infrastructure and make it their own. people should fall in love, and feud, and have epic stories. there is meaning in it. we just have to not fall for our own narratives

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because... 6) autonomy is an illusion i think Americans especially have this DIY ethos that is admirable and stupid at the same time. everybody is told that inventors and revolutionaries are the heroes of history. so they keep re-inventing the wheel the heinlein quote is wrong https://t.co/Uro3cV0wPX

image from twitter

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human beings are totally insects. we make hives, paths, territory. we have war and social stratification and complex communication patterns. you may have heard of this documetary, Antz,, https://t.co/Z4VdLehmJw

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once you accept that you are part of a giant time-binding hyperorganism called "society" or whatever, you can align yourself with the processes around you. instead of living dependent on yet hostile to the hive, convincing yourself that it's Chaotic Good because Society is Evil

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example: i didn't want to go into Tech in the late oughts because i liked eating mushrooms too much. and i thought Silicon Valley would be all squares, and that all corporations would drug test you like Burger King does but time has proven that narrative wrong

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this is a good question https://t.co/7AUirmB1xa we didn't have enough water power for this. it took over a mile of pipe run downhill to get enough pressure for the Pelton wheel and we still couldn't run power tools oh, and the water started to dry up in 2013 πŸ˜…πŸ˜¬πŸ˜…πŸ˜¬πŸ˜…πŸ˜¬πŸ˜…

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some guys did get an Alaskan mill and start making boards. (that's basically a frame that you put on the log to make your chainsaw go in right angles). two or three of them would run it all day and make like... ten boards? fifteen? idk cuz they were my enemies and i didn't help

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work is HARD WORK. doing things yourself, the long way, is a pain in the ass. i think it is GOOD to do it, and i would like it if there were a program you could go instead of college where you just go do hard work and live a low-energy life so you appreciate the GOD DAMN CITY

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i live in the city now because it's like a ten minute walk to the food store where somebody has already made food supplies that i can literally buy with money i worked for at something i'm good at and enjoy. people do cities for a reason. LARPers know this but don't admit

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but! 7) modern agriculture is pretty fucked up, as are cities. we should make them all ecological. and we should rewild the suburbs because nothing hurts like the suburbs, once you've been in the wilderness a while

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laptop battery critically low

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image from twitter

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correcting this, I was misremembering "5 to 10 acres per family". which is maybe four people? I don't know. I made all these calculations in like 2015, based on pessimistic view where I was trying to find reasons to leave. That's my bias https://t.co/ksT6gDTw8R

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the bot has a good point. nuclear generators would make an excellent solution for small self-sustaining communes. This might work on Mars, or if you have institutional backing. but the sovereign powers are notoriously stingy about who gets to nukes https://t.co/jxrdhfwnuG

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wahts the best way to cook eggs

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with the algorithm, it's all about who you know

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People who try to live by their principles: wow life is quite hard, we should try to improve it somewhat People who live in a messianic fantasy narrative: why do you not simply [wait/evangelize/unclear] the inevitable [narrative event] to occur?! idiot https://t.co/A4UeMx3e2o

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none of you have cited your sources or any science facts. I'm going with two tablespoons of hot oil until told otherwise

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omg these are for a*lla πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

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spoilers sorry

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I didn't want to know the best way to eat eggs. I want to know the best way to cook them. Do not ratio me on nice tweets!

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what do you mean, Doc? I'm not having any Deleuzians

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You're telling me a society constructed this gender?

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why would you read Kant when you could watch Westworld

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I plan to follow this pipeline myself

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I'm getting a lot of new followers, so I just like to clarify what it is I do here. I put ideas in your head that you can never remove. look at these circles for 140 seconds

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image from twitter

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please, no more thirst traps. stop sending them it's to much

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sundresses and 5" shorts. You're all so horny. Don't send more pictures in my replies right now

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okay I get it, I left a loophole. You can all stop sending them to my DMs too

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This is so sad😿😿😿 poor thing😿😿😿 https://t.co/G3IgEBd2Li

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why would you even want to post pictures of yourself to Twitter so your friends can tell you that your legs look great

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if i got cancelled (by any side) would you still be my friend? why not

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when shit hits the fan is you still a fan

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or, to put it another way, if I go crazy will you still call me Superman

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You can't just start a thread in my replies. That's not how it works

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there are teenagers on almost every continent. isn't that scary?

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i think people have a sort of "handyman brain" for societies. each one looks at things and says "the last idiot did this totally wrong, let's start over" and then they run into all the problems that the last guy did

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