cab i use CLIP as the discriminator for a GAN? i guess not if i have to train it at the same time. could i dumb it down somehow and then slowly bring the temperature up to sort of "inflate" the generator? πŸ€”

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i read it last night and learned a lot. but if you're trying to fall asleep i cannot recommend it, because the page is like twelve feet long and interesting. i was up like an hour later than i meant to be lol

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they like photographs which are just a bunch of blurry color textures up close. but line art and monochrome images seem to not work as well

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lol I just reinvented DALL-E huh. One of my sources close to the material says a GAN is possible, though

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interesting πŸ€” My data set is more like MNIST than FFHQ actually https://t.co/hFOGCC65fx

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whenever I start a long compute process, it's like I've opened a can of cat food, except instead of a cat circling around my ankles it's all of my undone chores

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searched circles dataset for "noise" and got some pretty accurate results actually https://t.co/E7D6rTIAWx

image from twitter

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other interesting results: the opposite of both "a saint" and "a sinner" is... the world? https://t.co/udNsen238a

image from twitter

image from twitter

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"time itself" and "space itself" https://t.co/EbE8o0vQw9

image from twitter

image from twitter

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neither time nor space are a whole circle, despite what you may have heard from prestige TV

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The best thing about podcast is clicking a little button that puts them on the play later list

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the key to a good date: always bring a dozen of something https://t.co/XDT1DAQ5uG

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i am in the pocket of Big Headphones

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they won't fit in my pocket so i am in theirs

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when the four corners of this cocoon collide you'll slip through the cracks hoping that you'll survive gather your wit, take a deep look inside are you really who they idolize?

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okay, hear me out: snakeskin Crocs

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if you see the words "What's happening?" before your eyes, the answer is often "i am about to waste a bunch of time and I'll never get it back"

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Spotify almost got me with some podcast dissecting "to pimp a butterfly". turned out to be a much worse way to experience an album than just listening to it. pretty sure this album changed the course of my life ca. 2015

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just slapped a fly out of the air directly into the sink drain. every day i grow more powerful

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"i know everything. i know history, i know the universe works mentally, i know the perks of Bullshit isn't meant for me" 🐐

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πŸ˜‡ https://t.co/i2kXPCnRdY

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how can i weigh exactly the same as i did this time last year? i must have put on even more fat than i lost muscle

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hey kid https://t.co/ls4esyy71s

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This tweet has been resurrected

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if you unfollowed me because of my posting today, good choice. if you thought about doing it, and didn't... well I'm going to be posting tomorrow too

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ftr The stop loss went in after this image. as you can see that it's tending to pick up certain modes

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what, video games? yea, i play. mostly Twitter and PyTorch. how bout you

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thanks everybody I meant to delete that right away

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the trick to twitter is to make tweets that will get engagement from the sick freaks who use Latest Tweets. normies that use Home will be the last to see your viral tweet. sickos are the target audience

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i missed "greebling" because i was having a Nice Day Outside and i have a sunburn and i refuse to know what "greebling" is

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as far as I'm concerned it means "green bling" https://t.co/q4Tc3eqIdw

image from twitter

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um i love it https://t.co/XYwEuejVFB

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the year 2008 gave us both Iron Man and Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak what did they know

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