the only ex CIA agent is a dead CIA agent

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are you afraid other people's brainworms will infect you? like, could you talk to a cultist or conspiracy wingnut about their beliefs, or is it too dangerous to risk exposure?

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Today's SCIOPS letter is back to brain hacking, the original reason I started the newsletter. it seems more urgent every day that I share what I know https://t.co/rw0waTpT4T

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It's been hard to write SCIOPS this year. My internet conection has been spotty, as has my connection to the hallucinatory world that most people seem to be living in. not that I don't maintain my own illusions, it's just they seem to have decoupled from the consenus insanity

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there's actually sad news in it too. v good rain read. sorry to see Imperica go

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god fucking damn it they got me https://t.co/z3PWGeL7zU

image from twitter

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lockdown was security theater and we should give up on it as a strategy. literally what are we going to do at this point. there's not going to be a vaccine for a long time. when it arrives it will be made too expensive for normal people. plu we will all be dead from fascism

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pokemon go is crazy these days

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it is time to start forming strategic plague colonies as biological warfare occupations. in minecraft

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how do i get an API code for GPT-3. can you all please help me. i swear i'm not the bad kind of cyberprop researcher

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I love it when people unsubscribe. I always do a whois on their email address. why do you think "Warren Ellis" unsubscribed this week? did one of us do something wrong?

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On this #FF I am giving followers back to my followers! For every 1000 followers sent to this address, I will send 2000 followers back to your account!! https://t.co/4LiPgv8Kjy πŸ’…

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I fed this neural network a thousand disaster movies, and then asked it to write one of its own

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it's a good time to get in touch with reality

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feeling seen

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being an engineer or a coder or a farmer keeps you in touch with the gritty details of reality, and communicating with other people who share those details. bad time to be in a context-heavy cultural production role

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if only people could see the true cost of the [automobile industry | military industrial complex | new building construction] I think we'd have a lot of harder questions about whether that convenience is worry the planetary cost

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can I interest anyone in a business opportunity

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