idea: use this account to thread my least aggressive thoughts. the politics stuff gets engagement because it feeds into outrage. but what does that build, ultimately?

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if I get 200 likes on a tweet where I'm making fun of someone I've never met, how does that affect my actual day? does it help me with my newsletter, my podcast, my bookstore or my projects? no. it just helps twitter make money

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not to mention the insanity of hard-wiring my dopamine loop to the electoral news cycle. the chattering class need that cycle to keep their jobs, but most of it is non-events blown out of proportion to create sensational headlines

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the one thing twitter is good for, politically, is melting the brains of pundits and bluechecks. they have to be on twitter all the time, for their jobs. unlike the rest of us, who can do bouts of info-warfare and rotate out when we start to close our shit

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*lose. but the danger in that is becoming the enemy. one day you're happily shitposting, just spamming sociopaths with the rat emoji, and the next you're devastated because your candidate got smeared on CNN. twitter is not real life, but it can affect real life

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thanks babe

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don't worry. i won't tell

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