There is no real world anymore.

Rather, there is no difference between online and off, the real and the cyber. The borders of meatspace have dissolved in the caustic soup of bots, memes and cognitive hacks we call “the Discourse.”

ICYMI this week: The richest billionaire got hacked by a different billionaire, who sent him threatening memes and stole his dick pics. Allegedly.

Jeff Bezos, a.k.a. Short Lex Luthor, opened a video file sent to him by Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia. That file contained an exploit that allowed the Saudis to exfiltrate data from Bezos’ phone, according to the report published by Motherboard . The prince later sent him a meme featuring a woman who resembled Bezos’s mistress, Lauren Sanchez. At the time their relationship was not public. It’s possible that this is how the National Enquirer acquired the compromising selfies with which they tried to blackmail Bezos in 2019.

Opinions differ on whether the hack was connected to the extortion campaign. Which failed anyway, as Bezos called their bluff (in a post called “ No thank you, Mr. Pecker ,” which incidentally is how any normal person would respond to a dick pic from Jeff Bezos).

Some security experts have questioned whether the forensic report is even accurate. Regardless, billionaires texting each other viruses on encrypted messenger is absolute cyberpunk gold. The 2020s were a long time coming, but they certainly made an entrance.

I don’t have any billionaires in my contacts. But I do bridge different communities: tech criticism, transhumanists, anticapitalist shitposters and general Weirdos. At least, that’s what I found from analyzing my friends-of-friends network: