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Writing about dark magic is tricky. I hope my words are useful to the people out there fighting the good fight, people who want to understand the cognitive constructs that misrule our world and dethrone them.

I know that those people are less likely to search out the secrets of mind control than the reptilian mind-fuckers are. If there are a hundred people at the library, only three of them are sociopaths. But I guarantee all three of them are checking out books on NLP and day-trading. And on the free wifi, signing up for my letter.

In which case, let them read me. I know it’s possible to learn this stuff and make it out with your heart intact. When I was the librarian at a wizard commune , I extracted all the dark magic books to my cabin. I slept with my head below them. It was a very small cabin.

I survived looking into the abyss, so I know that the darkness has a worm in its core. It will be its own undoing.