Living notebook

This is a living notebook: a place where ideas are slowly cultivated and refined. It's me working with the garage door open.

Living notebook, like a wizard would have: a book of arcane knowledge and experimental spells, a book that is forever changing and upgrading itself; a notebook that lives. But also a living notebook, analogous to a “living room”: a notebook that I live in. A place where I spend my time. And, too, a notebook On Living. Notes from someone who lives.

Some launching-off points:

  • My occasional newsletter about interfaces and AI is at Robot Face.
  • I trained an AI on a thousand books of magic and had it write a book of its own: Glitchcraft.
  • I curate soundtracks for movies that don't exist, hear my Invisible Movies on Spotify.
  • I shortened a famous book to create Finite Jest