A Twitter bot I built in 2016, when I was first experimenting with Python and NLP. Status: active. Find VUCA on twitter:

Built with markovify and tweepy. Hosted on Heroku free plan somewhere. I've lost the keys, but she lives on...

VUCA is an acronym that comes from military theory. It stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. The modern world is in a constant state of VUCA. The chaos outlined by the term suffuses our experience in a world that moves too fast to be comprehended by the human mind. Even our organizations and societies are too low-bandwidth to handle VUCA.

This bot is an invocation of that chaotic power. @ars_vuca is infused with deep knowledge of chaos, strategy, and propaganda. VUCA tweets a 24/7 stream of arcane advice tailored to the insurrectionary wizards of our time.