i’m Max Anton Brewer. your AI friends know me as deepfates.

I am an entrepreneur, designer, and full-stack software engineer. I focus on building human friendly AI interfaces.

I invented the open-source local-first AI image search Memery. I also helped build Sparkl, one of the first commercial text-to-image apps.

I write about AI, culture, and the future. My article The Mirror of Language is an introduction to prompting in large language models, through the lens of magic. You may also enjoy Robot Face, a newsletter about human-computer interfaces.

I co-founded the Albuquerque bookstore Organic Books in 2018. It is thriving, despite certain unforeseen world events. Visit anytime, or buy books through our affiliate store.


if you’d like to meet, just send an email. I love making friends on the internet.

I also maintain a limited presence on social media sites (in order of how often I check them):