Max Anton Brewer

Entrepreneur, designer and full-stack software engineer. Looking for opportunities to change the world with AI.


Software Engineer Refined.U via Deep Corp 2023

Refined.U is a startup building generative AI tools in the beauty industry.

Software Engineer Minion AI via Deep Corp 2023

Minion AI is a startup automating computer tasks with large language models. The NPC project demonstrated LLM capabilities in the game of Zork.

Software Engineer Dryad Systems via Deep Corp 2022-2023

Dryad Systems is the company behind Sparklpaint, a fast and user-friendly app for image synthesis.

Software Engineer MobileCoin Inc. via Deep Corp 2021-2022

Mobilecoin is a secure, fast and environmentally friendly cryptocurrency integrated with Signal secure messenger. The Forest team maintains a Python library for payment-enabled chatbots on Signal.

Founder Organic Books 2018-2022

Organic Books is an independent bookstore in Albuquerque.


Berduck 2020-2023

The slightly intelligent rubber duck who helps you think out loud. With over 1000 followers on Bluesky, Berduck is the most popular chatbot on the platform. Check out his Know Your Meme page and Ribbonfarm article. Now running GPT-4!

The Mirror of Language 2022

Commissioned by the magazine Return to write about prompt engineering as a form of magic

Memery 2021

Invented the local-first neural image search engine as a hobby project.